The KIC Transportation Program

The Tribal Transportation Program, previously Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) Program addresses transportation needs of tribes by providing funds for planning, designing, construction, and maintenance activities. The program is jointly administered by the Federal Highway Administration, Federals Lands Highway Office (FLH) and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in accordance with an interagency agreement. IRR Program delivery methods: 


    • Direct Service Force Account work (Pre-90s - commercial contracts)
    • Title I Self-Determination Contract (since mid-1990’s)
    • Title IV Self-Governance Compact (pilot in FY1999, open to all tribes in FY2003)
    • FHWA IRR Program Agreement (available since FY2005)
    • BIA IRR Program Agreement (G2G) (available since FY2011)

How KIC is Currently Delivering the IRR Program

In 2005, KIC began compacting directly with the BIA to deliver IRR Program services back to its own tribal community.  In 2009 KIC entered into an IRR Program Agreement with FHWA Federal Lands Highway to perform the planning, research, design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of highway, road, bridge, parkway, or transit facility programs or projects, which are located on or provide access to KIC or its tribal community in the Borough and which are eligible for funding under 25 CFR Part 170.  2016 FHWA Program Agreement (PDF)

Guiding Documents

KIC Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP):  Tribal long  range transportation plans are required under the Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) Program Final Rule (IRR Rule 25 CFR 170.410-415) and the FHWA/FTA statute and regulation on statewide and metropolitan planning (23 USC 134 and 135; and 23 CFR/49 CFR 450.214 and 450.322).  LRTP Document (PDF) We will be completing the five year update in 2013.

KIC Tribal Transportation Improvement Program:  The TTIP must be approved by FHWA with BIADOT concurrence.  The Tribal Council has approved the following priority projects for inclusion into the Tribal Transportation Improvement Program (TTIP). 2017 TTIP

Eligible Program/Project Activities:  All project and program activities must be identified as eligible activities in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 25 Section 170 Eligible Uses of IRR Program. Eligible Activity List

IRR Inventory:  For those projects funded under the IRR program, the route must be listed in the official IRR Inventory (25 CFR 170.442 (a)). KIC has an official IRR inventory of 216.2 miles and an additional 29.5 miles on North and South Tongass that are in process.  We are currently working with the Organized Village of Saxman and CCTHITA to adjust KIC inventory submittals. We will be including KIC parking lots in our inventory updates for in 2013.  Priority Routes List

2012 KIC Paratransit Plan:  The KIC Paratransit Plan supports the KIC Paratransit Program, which was established in 2012 in response to a need identified in the KIC LRTP and reaffirmed in the paratransit planning process.  Paratransit Plan Attachment (PDF)


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