Linda Schrack (Skíl Jáadei), Cultural Instructor/Language Apprentice

Linda has worked for KIC cultural programs since the mid-70s.  She has served as a Cultural Instructor since 2004.

Linda was born and raised in Southeast Alaska. She is Haida from the Shark House and a member of the Yahkw ’Láanaas clan and Raven moiety. Her mother is Verna Skillie Edwardson.  Her grandparents are the late Dr. Robert Cogo and Nora (Edenshaw) Cogo.  Her Haida name is Skíl Jáadei which means Woman of Fortune.

Skíl Jáadei had the honor and privilege of learning to read and write Xaad Kíl (Haida language) from her Chanáa (grandfather) and Náan (grandmother) at an early age. Skíl Jáadei’s passion in reclaiming, preserving and perpetuating her Heritage language comes from their teachings and the hard work they did along with other fluent speakers in the early 1970’s. It was at that time she worked for KIC illustrating language workbooks that were being written by her Chanáa.

Phyllis Almquist has been Skíl Jáadei’s mentor on a volunteer basis since the early 1990’s. In 2000 they received a Master/Apprentice grant from Sealaska Heritage Institute and posted their work at  Linda feels very fortunate and thankful to have Kwíigaay Í’waans as her language mentor.

Skíl Jáadei would like to acknowledge others that she has and continues to learn from, Alma Cook, Anna Peele, Charles Natkong, Sr. Claude Morrison, Erma Lawrence, Viola Burgess, the late Woodrow Morrison, Sr. and Yáahl K’ángkwdangaa.

Skíl Jáadei is also an advocate for Lingít and Shimalgyack languages.


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