Behavioral Health

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Waabnessloa Dunah “A Place of Wellness”

We serve Alaska Native and non-Native children, adolescents, adults and families.

Department Description

The Behavioral Health Department guides individuals and families through complex issues and choices.  We journey with people as they discover and achieve their path to a healthy and satisfying life.  Our staff counsels people struggling with emotional, mental, and substance abuse problems.


Overview of Services:

KIC Behavioral Health is a part of the KIC Tribal Health Clinic. Our clinic emphasizes Native cultural values, family preservation, and holistic wellness. As part of a Tribal Health Clinic, we recognize the interdependence of mental and physical health and value the relationship between mind, body and spirit. Our program offers a variety of mental health and substance-abuse services for adults and children including:

  • Crisis screening and brief intervention
  • Mental health and substance abuse assessments
  • Individual, family or group psychotherapy
  • Outpatient group substance abuse treatment
  • Psychological testing
  • Referrals

Substance Abuse Treatment:

KIC Behavioral Health offers group outpatient services based in Southeast Alaskan Traditional Tribal Values for individuals in recovery from substance abuse. Our program involves group and individual counseling and is focused on supporting recovery skill development and strengthening connection to culture. Our Substance Abuse Counselors hold Bachelor’s degrees or higher. We assist clients who need more intensive services by providing referrals to other programs and residential treatment centers. Individuals experiencing both mental health and substance abuse disorders can participate in the substance abuse treatment program and psychotherapy to support recovery in both areas.

Psychological Testing:

Psychological testing is a service conducted by a clinical psychologist integrating both subjective clinical interviews and objective psychological measurement. The testing process aims to understand the foundation of an individual’s diagnoses, level of functioning and to identify optimal treatment and service needs. Some examples of testing targets include: Identify or clarify psychiatric diagnoses, evaluate presence and severity of cognitive or neurological dysfunction, intellectual testing, identify an individual's needs based on cognitive functioning, provide psychological or community treatment recommendations as well as examine the need for and nature of academic accommodations.

Walk-In Crisis Services:

The Behavioral Health department has a staff member ready to provide crisis intervention for patients who are experiencing distress related to mental health or substance abuse issues. Whenever the Tribal Health Clinic is open, we encourage members to simply walk in to speak with a trained clinician.


Our clinical team provides mental health, substance abuse, or integrated assessments.  During the        assessment, a counselor will ask you questions about your history and current situation.  The assessment will result in a written document and diagnosis which forms the basis of an individual’s treatment plan.

Individual, Family or Group Psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy involves participating in individual, family or group sessions with a mental health therapist. Therapy techniques and interventions vary depending on the therapist and the needs you identify, but generally it involves talking with the therapist about challenges you are experiencing.

Therapists in our program hold a Master’s degree or higher in a mental health profession such as social work, psychology, counseling, or marriage and family therapy. Therapists are licensed or are receiving supervision toward obtaining their license. You are welcome to ask specific questions about your therapist’s background and experience.

We look forward to serving you!

Contact information: 228-9203