Providing Services to Facilitate Tribal Members’ Employment and Career Goals

Career Development provides services to facilitate tribal members’ employment and career goals. The programs and services within Career Development are designed to place tribal members on a career path toward achieving higher levels of self-sufficiency and professional development. Career Development can match eligible participants with training opportunities, work experience or on-the-job placements, as well as provide services that decrease barriers to unemployment and educational/vocational success.

We Believe in Employment First

KIC’s Employment Support Program is designed to assist individuals with a variety of employability needs, including job searches, resume building, interviewing skills, and job readiness. This program can also serve individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment to assist in addressing issues that hinder employment and self-sufficiency. We believe in Employment First and will help those that have need for other kinds of employment assistance to accomplish their goals.

Eligibility Requirements
  • KIC Enrolled Member
  • No Application Required
Supporting Self-Sufficiency

KIC’s Education and Training Department is an approved Community Rehabilitation Provider through the State of Alaska’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to provide assistance to people with disabilities, focusing on Pre-Employment Transition Services to youth and young adults. Services provided as a CRP must be the result of a referral from the DVR office.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Individual deemed eligible and approved for service by DVR
  • Referral made to KIC by DVR
Sustainable Employment and Economic Development Strategies

KIC’s Sustainable Employment and Economic Development Strategies (SEEDS) grant program provides training and on-the-job opportunities to AI/AN individuals ages 16-64 who are looking for permanent, year-round employment and to earn a living wage. The goal of the project is to provide AI/AN community members training in high demand fields, and increase access to living wage, permanent year-round or career track employment. This project seeks to model the success of KIC’s training partnership with Vigor at Ketchikan Shipyard for the welding program.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Alaska Native/American Indian
  • Resident of KIC’s service area
  • Be training or work ready


Sonya Skan, Project Director

Education & Training Department

Phone: 907-228-9296


Workforce Innovation & Opportunities Act

KIC’s WIOA youth program assists youth ages 14-24 with pursuing their education and employment goals. The program and array of services is tailored to each individual participant, providing opportunities and support services to address barriers. We provide employability training, career exploration and planning, on-the-job work experience, financial assistance, incentives and connection to resources such as tutoring, study skills training, and support in post-secondary education.

Eligibility Requirements
In-School Youth Age (14 - 21 Years Old)
  • Low income or student with a disability
  • Identified barrier
Out-of-School Youth Age (16 - 24 Years Old)
  • Not currently enrolled in an educational program
  • Identified barrier

For more information, please contact the WIOA Workforce Outreach Specialist: (907) 228-9442


Jessica Jackson, WIOA Workforce Outreach Specialist

Education & Training Department

Phone: 907-228-9442


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