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KIC takes pride in finding the right applicant for the job. Below you will find all the information you need to know when applying for job with Ketchikan Indian Community.

Main Reception


Please read the minimum requirements for the position opening for which you are applying. Only applicants who meet the mimimum qualifications will be considered for employment.

For a full list of current job opening within KIC please click the link below and then apply for qualified positions online.


Individuals must be able to pass a pre-hire drug screen. Some positions require a full background and fingerprint check. We hire with Native Preference in accordance with P.L. 93-638.

Drug Screening

All new hires must be able to pass a mandatory pre-hire drug test and agree to random drug and alcohol testing throughout the year. Random drug testing is done on a monthly basis and can also include alcohol testing. Any employee who is in a reportable accident or who sustains personal injury while on duty shall be required to take a post accident drug screen. All drug testing will be done using Tongass Substance Screening Services, located at 120 Carlanna Lake Road. All testing is confidential.

Background & Fingerprinting

The background policy applies to all existing KIC employees, candidates for employment, contract workers and volunteer workers at KIC. The full policy and required forms can be found with the Human Resource Department. Background checks are conducted on job applicants applying for sensitive positions. These include positions involving health care, security and financial responsibilities. KIC will use a third party agency to conduct the background checks. The type of information that can be collected by this agency includes, but is not limited to, that pertaining to an individual’s past employment, education, character, finances, reputation, etc. This process is conducted to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant.

KIC can make inquiries regarding criminal records during the pre-employment stage; however, as part of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this information cannot be used as a basis for denying employment, unless it is determined to be due to job-related issues or business necessity.

Native Preference

Consistent with Public Law 93-638 and other federal laws recognizing the inherent right of the Tribe to exercise Indian Preference, preference in connection with the administration of 638 contracts or grants shall be given to Indians. The KIC Native preference policy, for hiring, promotions, transfers and training opportunities, requires that if a Native applicant is determined by the General Manager to meet the minimum qualifications for a position and to be capable of performing competently in the position, on the basis of the applicant’s education, experience, job performance history, interview and references, the applicant shall be selected for the position. If there is more than one Native applicant for a position, the best qualified among these shall be selected, in the order of priority set forth below:

  • 1. KIC Enrolled Member
  • 2. Alaska Native/American Indian Non-Member
  • 3. Non-Member
Indian Child Welfare Act Background Investigation

All employees to have direct contact or control over Indian children (minors) or dependent adults must comply with this policy. In accordance with State and Federal regulations, any employee, contractor, volunteer, student, intern, or resident in a supervisory or disciplinary role with children or dependent adult may not:

  • Have a history of abuse or neglect for children and/or dependent adults.
  • Have a physical, mental, or substance abuse problem that may affect the health and/or safety of their client/patient or coworkers.
  • Be under indictment for, or have been convicted within the previous ten years of a felony, assault crime, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, misconduct involving a controlled substance or a sex crime as defined in 7 AAC 50.207.
Is the job still open?

KIC uses both “open until filled” and “Closing date”. This is always noted at the bottom of the job announcement. If the job announcement has “open until filled”, then HR will forward applications and/or resumes as they are received to the appropriate Director for their review. If there is a closing date noted, then all applications and/or resumes will be held until that closing date and then they will all be forwarded to the appropriate Director for their review and selection for interviewees.

Can I apply for any job?

No, KIC only accepts applications for active job openings. With our clinic being an accredited facility all applications must match the position of the employee.

Can I leave an application or resume on file with HR for any future job openings?

No, when you find a job that matches your qualifications you need to apply then. We do not keep applications on file for when a particular job may come up.

Why then do you say you will keep an application on file for six months?

This is for anyone who has actually applied for an open position and was not selected, this is the only time that we will keep prospective applications on file, however, it is the responsibility of the person looking for work to contact the HR department to let them know if they are interested in a particular position. We can then find their application and submit for review.

What about drug testing?

Yes, KIC has a pre-hire drug screen policy and we also conduct random and alcohol testing each month. Directors are notified when one of their staff is selected to send the employee for the screening. If we have a reasonable suspicion that an employee may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will send them to TSS for a drug screening. This is also in KIC policies.

Where do you do the testing?

All of our pre-hire and random drug screenings are done off site through Tongass Substance Screening. For confidentiality purposes it is best to use an off-site facility.

Do all jobs require background checks and fingerprinting?

No, KIC’s Human Resources department has the policy and forms for background checking. This is used for sensitive positions that deal directly with children, youth, and the elders. Those types of positions will require a State of Alaska Background application form and this will include fingerprinting. The application will be entered into the State of Alaska’s database system. The turnaround with the State can take up to nine months to complete. KIC uses a local company to provide the fingerprinting service. If the position is a sensitive position, but may not deal directly with children, youth or elders, we use Employment Screening Services based in Washington. The turnaround for ESS can be anywhere from three days to up to two weeks, depending on the information being verified.

How does the interview process go?

KIC policy states that there should be a panel of three interviewees. All applicants are asked the same series of interview questions and the answers are then scored and then totaled up. References will be checked on the applicant and those will be included in the final decision process by the appropriate Department Director. Once an applicant has been selected and all reference checking is done and the appropriate recruitment paperwork is complete and all signatures have been secured by management, then and only then, will a job offer be made. This offer will be contingent upon successful completion of a pre-hire drug screen.

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